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The AVT 40 is an automatic rifle in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. It is an SVT 40 that has been modified so that it may be fired full-automatic or semi-automatic.

General InformationEdit

The AVT 40 features a 10 round magazine and can mount the SVT's bayonet. While the weapon features impressively high stopping power (it fires the same calibre bullet as the SVT-40), it also has correspondingly high recoil; after the first two or three bullets, the gun is almost impossible to control, necessitating firing in bursts to ensure accuracy. The fast rate of fire means that constant reloads are needed.

Pressing 6 switches the AVT 40 to semi-automatic mode, essentially converting the weapon into an SVT 40. This gives the Russian team the advantage of essentially having an extra sniper (once the scope is unlocked and equipped), a role that the counterpart of the AVT-40, the MKB 42(H), is unsuited to filling due to the weaker cartridge and lower accuracy at range.


Level 25: Bayonet

Level 50: 3.5x PU Scope

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