Basic Information

The PPS-42 is an SMG available for the Allied, Assault, Engineer, Squad Leader, and Commander classes. It is the slower firing but more controllable sister to the PPSH- 41 Sub Machine Gun. The PPS-42 fires slower than it's sister gun, allowing for more accurate shooting.


The PPS-42 has moderate damage and a moderate magazine size. Firing the same round as the PPSH, the PPS-42 can be a one shot kill up closes, however the average damage is roughly 2 shots to the upper body and three to four on the legs and arms. At longer ranges the PPS is more controllable and can perform much better than it's rapid fire cousin. The damage is still dimunitive, sometimes requiring up to 5-6 shots to kill.

Level 25 Upgrade: Metal Stock

Level 50 Upgrade: Extra Magazines