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The SVT-40 is a soviet semi-automatic battle rifle in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

General InformationEdit

The SVT-40 is available to the Elite Riflemen and Squad Leader classes. It offers great stopping power per bullet, and has a faster reload than its Axis counterpart, the G41 (W). However, it features higher recoil than the G41. Unlike the AVT-40, the SVT-40 lacks the ability for fully automatic fire.

It is a weapon designed for medium to long range combat, and is best used in a support role on the battlefield, mostly covering wide areas, while close ranged troops advance. However, it can be used for closed-ranged combat, due to its high rate of fire, even in semi-automatic mode.

It also becomes available to the engineer class, once veteran rank has been reached.

The rifle's texture appears to be period incorrect as the bolt is blued on the rifle in-game as opposed to pure polished metal. This is incorrect as only select rifles had their bolts blued when they were exported for sporting use in various countries including the United States and Canada. No SVT-40 used in any part of all of the Eastern Front of World War II included a blued bolt.


Level 25 - Bayonet

Level 50 - High quality muzzle brake


designed by Fedor Tokarev during the 30s (SVT is short for Tokarev self-loading rifle). Due to losses and relative complexity of production making it impossible to equip the whole red army with the new rifle, it remained mostly in specialist service, especially with Guard divisions, Naval Infantry, and army snipers (although many preferred the Mosin due to the SVT's bad reputation for vertical dispersion). It would later be imitated by Germany (the Gewehr 43) and NATO (the FN-Fal). It fires the same 7.62x54mm round as the Mosin, can be loaded with stripper clips despite its 10 round magazine, or round by round. The magazine could also be used for reloading, but due to the expense of production, infantrymen equipped with the rifle only had three magazines and the rest of their ammunition given in stripper clips.

Due to having been built with sniping purposes in mind, most have the ability to mount a scope by default, and unlike the Mosin, can still be loaded with stripper clips with a PU or the older PE scope installed.

Properties Edit


  • High damage per shot
  • Fast reload
  • High first shot accuracy
  • Effective at all ranges
  • Ability to hold one round in its chamber
  • Uses detachable magazines, allowing for fast reloads if completely empty unlike the G41


  • Small magazine size
  • Loses accuracy when firing multiple rounds
  • One of the loudest rifles